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Pet Cats

Unlike monster pets, you can only obtain pet cats by completing quests or purchasing them from the store.
Pet cats do not require leveling up; each cat comes with its own unique set of skills.

Pet cats and their skills
Skill: Completely stuns 1 enemy every 5 seconds.
Skill: Resets the combat timer once when it reaches 0 (1 time use).
Skill: Automatically kicks (kills) 1 enemy every 10 seconds, regardless of its remaining HP.
Skill: Doubles the attributes of 1 team member.
Skill: Removes skill cooldown for 1 team member.

Note that cats will not directly engage in combat but rather play a supportive role. As a result, cats will not incur any harm during battles and do not require healing
Note 2: You can only own one type of cat at a time.