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The Fishing Station can be found in many locations around the world, and the first one you will encounter is in your own backyard.

To use the Fishing Station, you will need to gather three items:
Fishing Rod
You can either purchase a simple one or obtain a better quality rod by completing a quest. (Fishery Agent)
Fishing Hook
This can be obtained by defeating a monster.
Fishing Bait
You can find this by searching through the dirt pile in your backyard.
Once you have collected all of the necessary items, you can begin fishing. When the fishing process begins, tap the screen when the fish is closer to the center of the screen. Once the fish meter reaches 10, you will successfully obtain the fish.

Baits & Fishes
Worm Bait (Backyard)
Snappy Worm Bait (Backyard)
Smol Fish Bait (Backyard, Teleporter)
Bulp Bait (Teleporter, Wild Road)
Jewel Bait (Wild Road,Empty Room)
Magic Clam Bait (Empty Room)