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In the game, you can typically level up until you reach level 450. However, once you reach level 300, you have the option to REBORN your character.

How do you REBORN?
To initiate the rebirth process, you need to visit the Desert area using the teleporter and complete a (fairly challenging) quest given by the Ancient Tree NPC.

Once you have successfully finished the quest, you will receive an item called the 'Reborn Seed'. This item is used to trigger the rebirth.

When you choose to reborn, your character will be reset to level 1 with 0 EXP and 0 KI. However, you will be able to retain your attributes. Furthermore, after the rebirth, your attack power will significantly increase, even with the same attributes as before.

It is possible for your character to undergo multiple rebirths. Each time you choose to reborn, your character will grow even stronger.