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User interface

1. Your Character: This refers to the player's in-game persona or avatar.
2. Minimap: A small map displayed on the screen that provides an overview of the game world.
3. Time: In-game time that may have an impact on certain skills or events.
4. Joystick: Will appear when you hold a pointer, finger down. A control mechanism that allows players to move your character
5. Main menu: The central hub or interface of the game where players can access various features and options.
6. Your avatar: By clicking on this option, players can view more detailed information about your character.
7. XP and HP bar
8. Currency: This indicates the type of in-game currency that the player currently possesses.
9. Setting button

Access goods and extra resources
On going events
Show active quests, daily quests and weekly quests
Show inventory
Show your stack inventory
View your level and attributes, upgrade your level and attributes
Show your current equipments
Show your character skills, weapon skills
Show your pets, level, HP and heal them if needed