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STR: Strength
measuring physical power and carrying capacity
DEX: Dexterity
measuring endurance, stamina and good health
CON: Constitution
measuring agility, balance, coordination and reflexes
CHA: Charisma
measuring force of personality, persuasiveness, leadership and successful planning
WIS: Wisdom
measuring self-awareness, common sense, restraint, perception and insight
INT: Intelligence
measuring deductive reasoning, cognition, knowledge, memory, logic and rationality

Note about the CON attribute: When you level up, the value of your CON attribute will directly increase your MAXHP. Therefore, please consider upgrading your CON attribute from the early levels to ensure you have a very strong character.

More Information about Character Attributes
Normally, the maximum attribute value for your character is 400, which is typically sufficient to wield strong weapons and items in the game.

However, if you choose to REBORN (for more information, please refer to the Reborn page) for the first time, you can upgrade your attributes to a maximum value of 1000.

Upon your second rebirth, the maximum attribute value increases to 1400. This allows you to easily wield the strongest weapons and items available in the game.